Monday, September 21, 2009

Vote on a logo and win prizes!

My friend Melanie and I met in science class in seventh grade. In almost two decades of knowing each other, we've been through a lot together.

Recently, we started a joint project (julytwentyfourth) in which we do design work together over the internet. She's in San Francisco and I am in Boston, so we stay in touch the way of the 21st century, blogging and emailing.

Our most recent project is a logo for our joint efforts. We are down to the last two and we want some feedback!

Help us out and you might win some cool goodies from julytwentyfourth.

I'm debating whether you should know why we are called julytwentyfourth or whether you should be deciding for aesthetic reasons only. If you want to know, and it will help you vote, feel free to ask.

Click here to vote!


Bethany said...

Although I think the y and 2 look really cool merged together like that, I really like the second one better, love the colors and the crisp design. It makes me more curious and just seems to have more life to it. That's my 2 cents! Can't wait to see what you both come up with. How fun.

Anne S. Katzeff said...

My vote goes to option #2. I think it rocks! As the midway pt. between your 2 B-days, it conceptually fun and executed accurately and cleanly. It has a nice contemporary feel too. Simple and clear = terrific!

Option #1 feels forced. Perhaps with some tweaking it would work better. But it is still conceptually weaker than option #2.

Anne S. Katzeff said...
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David Morris said...

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