Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching Up

I'm really catching up here...I am waiting for that pattern I did to save in illustrator. It's HUGE so it is taking forever.

Above are some prints on paper I made from the screens I made for The Canvas Project...My words were: tam-o-shanter, boss, deedle, sterling, and cafe. These are not necessarily in that order below, and I didn't print "sterling" so it's missing from the collection. Images are about 3x3 on 6x6 inch paper.

And here are the actual canvases I submitted. These are each 3"x3" square.

Sorry for the cell phone quality (or lack thereof)...

Bonus points to anyone who can match up the words to the images!

Well, I'm off! Illustrator is done saving!


Leslie Moore said...

Hey Bethany! Fun blog! I like seeing your thoughts in action.

Bethany said...

Thanks Leslie!