Thursday, July 9, 2009

Returning to the Laundry

So there are some projects I keep coming back to. Laundry is one of them. I have really been into combining my drawing with my screenprinting. Today was (finally) relatively nice out, so I took to the yard and drew laundry on the line.

I tested the drawings in photoshop with the palette I want to use -- ever since I saw these colors on a sheet of origami paper, I realized these are my colors (if one can actually have colors...)

I have included the scrap of paper, too.

Tomorrow is socks, boxers, a couple of tees, some underwear...ooooh! Tomorrow is supposed to be 76° and sunny. Don't forget the sunblock!


Bethany said...

Ooh fun! Great colors. Can't wait to see more laundry!

Sandy said...

I love your laundry too... It was quite a hit at our art auction!!!!