Friday, July 24, 2009

Hand Drawn Bird

I don't love this bird. I liked him alone, on paper, but not in this drawing.

Stepping back again. Need to look at again with fresh eyes.


Lynda with a Y said...

I love the simplicity of just the clothes hanging in the breeze--maybe a separate study of birds?

Bethany said...

Hm, I love the little bird. I think it works with or without him. I kind of like the movement he adds, but it does distract a bit from the clothes and their movement. Can't decide. Love your art.

scrackle said...

I love the little bird, actually. I think maybe if he is simplified a bit more or faded into the background color a bit more so he doesn't feel like he is standing on the same plane as the clothes, that might help him feel not as distracting.

But i LOVE this print and very much want a copy of it!!! Even the versions you don't like as much. I love it and want to hang it on my wall.