Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thirty-Eight Self Portraits (Because I Wish I Were Smaller)

I just entered this in a show...cross your fingers for me...

It's called Thirty-Eight Self Portraits (Because I Wish I Were Smaller), and it measures in at 8 inches by 7 inches. I had so much fun with it. Of course it wasn't so much fun when I was coloring in the third print because the first two didn't look as I wanted and I was racing the clock because the post office was closing in two hours!

Anyway, it's been an especially interesting project about body image, because knowing since about sixth or seventh grade that I wish I had smaller hips or smaller thighs or whatever, and then finding all the pictures, I realized that there were points I thought I should be "smaller" when really I looked pretty darn good.

Keep visiting, because I know I am going to work on more variations and now that I have these thirty-eight drawings of me, I see them being integrated into a lot of other works.


bronwynheiss said...

Wow!! Love it, can I buy it*** (question mark key is broken)

Marsha said...

This is just amazing. I love it. What a fabulous idea for a project--and such visually interesting execution.

Teri said...

Bethany---I LOVE your art! I especially love the birds in the series of 4 that you have on your blog. Do you sell any of these? Quite impressive. I also love you images of yourself "because you wish you were smaller". Don't we all?? I know exactly what you mean when you say you look at yourself later and realzie you weren't so bad then. What's that all about? I totally understant what you are saying.

Bethany said...

thank you all so much!

bron, you can for sure buy a copy!

marsha, thank you so much for your kinds words.

teri, yes. all of my work is for sale if it is available -- the bird images are available...please contact me for further details : bethany (at)

Tina said...

Bethany..just catching up on your blog...this is awesome and so fun! The illustrations just came out great and its so interesting. Nice work as usual!