Friday, April 17, 2009

Building a Home

So here is a piece I am working on for a show called Home. It's a reminiscence of my childhood -- specifically the afternoons when I was home from kindergarten...I'd be playing on the floor, and some cheesy eighties song would come on (it was 1985, after all) and I'd begin to miss Dad, who was still at work.

It's a tryptich, so all of the pieces would be hung as shown, each framed separately. In this case, I think the frame is just as important, and I am going to find a frame in a dark wood stain, just like the furniture at my parent's house. For reference, the record player image is 13x13" square

Something is missing. As much depth as I was going for in the piece -- collaged layers make the base, and line drawings overlap with color halftones, it still seems flat and boring to me. I am thinking of adding words or something, but I have yet to decide.

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