Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bathing Suit Project: A huge favor...

This message is for all my fellow female readers (but male readers can help by passing this along to female friends):

It's been a year and two days since I last visited The Bathing Suit Project and it's really something I would like to continue on with. But I need your help! I have nearly exhausted the images of everyday people in bathing suits...This is where I need you. I know, it is a HUGE request of something that can be very personal -- but I promise I will include my own recent pictures -- in which I am not feeling my best at all...!

Pictures can be old or new, as long as they are full length of you in a bathing suit or even just your underwear. Send more than one if you have it! Please be sure to include your height as well.

Images will be used for silhouetting purposes ONLY and your name will never be matched to the project.

Here is a link to the silhouettes I have so far, just so you can see just how unrecognizable you will be!

Thank you so much for your continuing support. If you choose not to send a picture, I will not hold this against you in any way. I am just trying to use my resources as much as possible!

Thank you thank you thank you!


Please send this to friends (and have them sign up for my mailing list as well!)

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