Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love is in the Air. Something is Fishy.

Been working on valentine's day cards for my mom. At left are the contenders. I still need to work on what to say for the one on the far right, or how to make it more valentinesy. I was thinking perhaps a heart on a hook coming down, but then it kind of looks like the "teacher" fish is leading her "students" to danger.

I don't think the simple fish at the bottom are really in the running, because it has been suggested that they are a little too reminiscent of conception. Not the message we want to give first graders.

Oh, and I definitely want something better to say on the heart shaped fishies!

Any ideas are welcome.


Marsha said...

Oh, those fishies are just adorable! I am so busy gushing over them here that my mind is totally blanking on ideas for the text. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! b., you know i want these, too! love

Bethany said...

oh I LOVE these, my fave is the heart shaped school of fish. But they are all fantastic.
By the way, you win.
You are the best replier. You deserve it for getting your email down so much, and for the tea treat. I just couldn't reply back. It would've been mean!