Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Holiday Card Finished

I just finished another holiday card which is available for sale at my etsy shop.

I am really enjoying the look of ink on chipboard, and in this case, especially loving the retro look.


Cakespy said...

I can attest that these cards are wonderful quality! I love my birthday cards!! I even wrote about them on Twitter and Facebook!!! Love the new design too!

Bethany said...

hey thanks Cakespy! I keep making them, I forgot that I once wanted to be a card designer!!! I guess I still do!

Areli said...

Fabulous.... you have remind me to shop for holiday cards, will firstly check out Vista Print for them.

arianna said...

i know i'm really late in saying this, but i really really like these. they may be my favorites. they make me feel cozy (and want hot chocolate, heh). xo