Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing Around: Orange Tree.

Today I played. I cut paper, I taped it to transparencies, burned screens and loved the process. I made these orange tree cards -- no feeling ever.

I'll be selling them on Etsy, but I left them at the studio tonight because I couldn't wait for them to dry. In fact, the last 20 or so I had to print in very dark light because we lost power on Bedford Street and Prospect Street. Needless to say, I wasn't waiting around in a dark studio for these guys to dry!

Today I also started my study of tomatoes, which is as much a study of tomatoes as it is new methods of working with mediums. I wanted to do more on that today as well, but alas, the power...


Anonymous said...

love i!


rachel said...

I love it, B!! I want to buy a copy!
you should try submitting these to 20x200 as well.
Love these...!!